Nutrition For Dogs

It is not recommended to feed the dog table scraps in excess. Their normal diet gives them enough nutrients and supplements as it is. As in the case of humans, their diets should consist of a mix of proteins and carbohydrates, with added minerals and vitamins. Wild dogs can generally survive on a diet of raw meat from prey.


However, household pets must be kept on a nutritious diet. Food scraps from the dinner table generally consist of more fat than protein, a substance which can be toxic for dogs. Also, by feeding your dog with scraps as well, you over feed the dog which can lead to serious weight problems. Though dogs are less prone to arterial problems as compared to humans, obesity in dogs can lead to many other serious problems. These days, over 25 % of all dogs in the world are obese!

Feeding the dog scraps from the dinner table directly may also lead to unfavourable behavioural tendencies on the dog’s part. These include reaching up to take the food off the table, or begging the humans to feed them every time their owners sit down for a meal. Obesity can also lead to problems such as Cushing’s diseases.


Symptoms of this disease include increased appetite and weight gain, apart from lethargy in older dogs. A common trend that has started in households involves feeding the canine raw meats with bones. Sometimes, a small amount of filler material is also included. His is done to strengthen the canine’s digestive system.