The Dangers Of Smoking In A Smoker’s Physical Appearance

It seems easy to spot a person who smokes from those who do not. Not only from the obvious evidence of cigarettes from their hands but also with the way they look and smell. Smoking cigarette certainly affects not only the major organs inside the body but also the physical appearance of the smoker. This is another major factor that every smoker should consider in order to pursue plans on quitting.


While most people are so vain on looking younger than their age, smokers are more likely to incline on the “older than their age” looking side. Smoking causes loose skin under the eyes and deep wrinkles; lines around the lips and dark-colored blotches.  It also causes sagging skin all over the body of smokers making them look older than their age. Smoking causes poor skin and uneven skin tone because oxygen and other nutrients are blocked by cigarette substances. Even though psoriasis is not mainly caused by smoking, smokers have high risk in developing one than those people who do not smoke.

The yellowing of teeth is the most common adverse physical effect smoking has. But in addition to that, gums are also damaged, breath becomes unpleasant, and teeth are usually falling off.  However, teeth are not only the part of the body that can be stained by nicotine but also the fingers and fingernails. Old age can actually become a factor of thinning hair but study shows that smoking can hurry this process. Some smokers can even get bald because of smoking. The precious organ eyes are not an exemption to parts of the body that can be damaged by smoking. It is believed that smoking can cause cataracts and blindness.


By quitting smoking, a smoker can mend and improve his over-all physical appearance. There will be better blood flow making the oxygen and other nutrients reach the skin and enhance its healthiness for a restored and fairer complexion. The yellow stains in the teeth and fingernails will somehow fade when no longer in contact with nicotine.

Aside from the damages in physical looks, smoking can also generate dangers in the reproductive health of both men and women. Smoking can affect fertility in women and erection and sperm count in men. During pregnancy, smoking can cause miscarriage, premature birth or defective and underweight infants. Smoking has more threats than rewards and there is no harm in quitting the habit. The real harm is staying hooked in it.