How to Treat Depression without Medication

Treat Depression Without Medication

Many people suffering from depression are reluctant to seek treatment through antidepressants and psychotherapy. Personally, I was one of those people, but eventually realized that there was no harm in seeing a mental health professional and getting an opinion. While you should definitely not attempt to diagnose yourself and choose a treatment plan, there are a number of things you can do that can help treat depression without medication. Even if you are currently taking antidepressants, following this guide will help make symptoms less severe. The main goal here is to make lifestyle changes, ones that can range from your eating habits, sleeping patterns, and so forth.

Treating Depression Without Medication


The first thing is exercise – If you want to help treat depression without medication, you need to begin exercising regularly. Now, walking from your car to your house in itself is not exercise. You really need to come up with an exercise schedule and begin following it regularly. Any sort of exercise will do; soccer, jogging, swimming, speed walking. Pick something you enjoy so the routine doesn’t bore you after a weeks. Exercising regularly can greatly improve your mood and help relieve stress.

Setting goals – This is a great way to motivate yourself, and get a great moral boost. They don’t need to be huge goals, or anything of that sort. Even the smallest goals, when accomplished, can make all the difference. This is one of the most effective ways to treat depression without medication. A lot of depression has to do with low self-confidence, and setting goals like these, and achieving them, can really be a big confidence booster.

Eating healthy – Bad eating habits can increase the severity of depression. Bad eating habits include eating junk food, greasy foods; shortly put, anything that isn’t healthy. Why? Those typescause your sugar level to increase rapidly, and then decrease rapidly which is the “crashing” phase. In other words, you may be in a good mood for a short period of time, followed by a crash into a horrible mood. This can really mess around with the stability of your mind. It’s important to eat healthy if you want to try to treat depression without medication. Healthy foods include lean meats and carbohydrates, and try to avoid sugary drinks (soft drinks, coffee, etc.). It is often difficult to give up these types of foods and drinks at first, but within a couple of weeks, the symptoms will be a lot less severe. Caffeine is a severe problem for those suffering from depression, as again, it can cause their mood to fluctuate grealty.


Relax – It’s easy to let life’s troubles stack up and stress you out, but don’t let this happen. Set some time every day to relax and have some personal time for yourself. Relaxing is essential to treating depression without medication. Stress only makes matters worse. Be it a trip out to the movies, or a nice day long hike, it’s important to set aside time to relax. Relaxation is essential to treating depression without medication. Stress only makes matters worse.

Adequate Sleep – Getting adequate sleep every night is extremely important in order to treat depression naturally. Generally speaking, 7 hours of sleep is fine, but depending on the severity of your depression, it may be a good idea to get a little more sleep every night. If you do not get enough sleep, your symptoms will only grow worse throughout the day. Now, if you have trouble sleeping at night, as do many with depression, try to figure out what helps you fall asleep at night. It might be listening to some classical music while laying in bed, or having a nice hot bath. Just find what works best for you, and stick to the routine.

Vitamins – Additionally, it is a good idea to begin supplementing yourself with vitamins. The majority of people do not get the required daily vitamin intake, nd for those suffering from depression, this can only increase the severity of symptoms.

Dealing with depression can be difficult, no doubt about it. Whether or not you’re taking medication, taking steps to treat depression without medication can only make your situation better. The above are great starting points, and though it may be difficult to change your routine, it’s a must if you want to effectively battle your case of depression.

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